Monday, January 2, 2017

Cast of Characters

Player Characters
Lance A. Weston - Chris - Lance is a newer member of the London Spiritualist Confederacy. Despite the dubious reputation of seance spiritualists, Weston can legitimately commune with the dead. He can Levitate and throw rather dangerous bolts of lightning from his fingertips. He's also a very accomplished hobbyist saber fighter.

John Henry Jackson - Dave - John Henry Jackson is an American cowboy and talented geologist. During a long bender he found himself working for a Wild West show that brought him to England where he discovered Oricalcum.

Lady Emily Shaw - Vanessa - Emily Shaw is a lesser noble raised in India, daughter to a prestigious explorer. She married young and lost her husband, placing her in a unique position of power and social freedom for an adventurous woman.

Patrick Finnegan O'Mallie - Alex - Patrick has been beaten into the shape of a tough-as-nails Irishman. He is a miller and carpenter from a poor town in Southern Ireland. His family largely abandoned him and he became a communist. He has had some legal woes but is being given an opportunity to work free in the New Imperial Territories.

Herbert George Wells - Herbert came to the New Imperial Territories by invitation of a writer friend who got him work as an engineer despite little education. Herbert is a very capable inventor and is good at finding new solutions and inventing new applications. Herbert is also sick with romanticism and youthful idealism, a determined gentleman and always willing to give others a chance. He is drawn to John Henry and Lance Weston as they embody all of the great masculine characteristics he writes about in his silly books. Secretly Herbert has strong Marxist leaning and finds Patrick's communist ideals fascinating.

Phillip Hughes Montjoy - Montjoy is a young adventurer in love with the mystery and potential of the New Imperial Territories. He lacks Lady Shaw's money or standing or experience but he does have a penis which makes him her superior in the eyes of the Geographer's society. So he depends on her political ability and expertise and he opens doors for her that women aren't traditionally allowed to go through unescorted. Montjoy obviously holds a great fondness for Emily Shaw but for whatever reason has made no intention known.

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